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GDT is passionate about beautiful design, simple usability, and maximum compatibility in web design. Far too many sites never reach their full potential because of poor Information Architecture, browser compatibility issues, or reliance on technologies that limit search engines' ability to catalog their contents. No matter what the cause of site issues, the outcome can always be measured in lost revenue to the site owner, and frustration for the user.

We believe that rock solid reliability, beauty and functionality can and should coexist. We believe that friendly, usable designs have the power to draw your audience closer to you and to take your enterprise to new heights.

Our diverse and extensive background of producing media in and creating web sites for the developing world allows us the perspective necessary to design web sites and applications that are robust, and that will remain beautiful and usable for years to come.

And we believe that you don't need to be a huge company or have a huge budget to offer your clients a standards-based, accessible, beautiful design.


Denver Skyline, April 2010

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I was interested in ideas, not in visual products...

Marcel Duchamp